Purpose: The primary goal of the program is to have the children discover Jesus in this role, and to understand that He loves us and takes care of us as a good shepherd would his sheep. The children also begin to learn about the Kingdom of God as Jesus explained it through parables, and are introduced to the sacraments of the Eucharist and baptism.  The Catechist of the Good Shepherd (CGS) approach links a deep personal grounding in Christ to an ecumenical hope for the future of our planet. Typically, the adults learn and grow as rapidly as the kids do. Speaking of the Bible stories that are shared each week, one volunteer said, “I find myself discovering the stories again as if for the first time.” CGS is used by Anglican, Roman Catholic, and other Christian churches around the world.

Classroom: The Atrium classroom is in the lower level of St. Paul’s and is the first classroom you run into. It is made to feel welcoming, warm, and easily accessible to children. The lesson and the teachers for the week are always listed on the whiteboard outside the door.

Time: Class goes for 9:15 AM to around 10:35 AM on Sunday mornings. Parents drop their children off at the classroom and then have time to chat or go to Bible Study. The children are brought up about halfway though service by their teachers in order to join their families for communion.