Christmas Pageant

The Christmas Pageant is an event that all of St. Paul’s looks forward to. We include members of St. Paul’s and  their friends and family of all ages. It is a simple pageant that tells of the foretelling of the coming of Jesus along with the beginning of his life. There is an easy script and many parts that do not speak. Everyone is welcome to take part even if you can not come to the rehearsals. Come early to the service and we will give you a costume and where you need to be. It’s that easy!

Every year, St. Paul’s puts on two Christmas pageants on Christmas Eve: one at the 3pm service and one at the 5pm service. We rehearse on the Saturday before. Participants run through the pageant and get their costumes.  We will also rehearse the music for the pageant after the 10am service in the chapel. We perform on Christmas Eve during the services so get your child in costume and go sit in the pews. We will call the participants forward when the pageant will start.


Pageant Script


December 24 at the 3pm service, 5pm service