Communion Recognition

While many Episcopal children take communion from the time when they are baptized, it is wise to take some specific time to reflect on the significance of the Eucharist. At St. Paul’s, all 2nd grade students will experience St. Paul’s special program for “Communion Instruction.” In the past, this program has proven to be a highlight of the year for children and parents.

The students will experience several weeks of in-class activities during their regular Sunday school time. We ask that families take a role in this learning at home, as well. The children will come home with the ideas of making banners to represent

  • Your family’s name

  • Something representing your family’s most important religious tradition.

  • Something representing and important family patriarch or matriarch (someone in your family who you all look up to.)

  • Something representing your family’s future hope for the world.

  • Something representing your family’s future hope for the child who is experiencing Communion Instruction

The period of instruction culminates in a “retreat” evening for the whole family on Saturday evening before the Sunday of “Communion Recognition Day”. The students are publicly recognized in a special “Communion Recognition Day” observance during our 10:00am service.


The date for Communion Recognition has not been set yet for 2020…check back soon for the date.