Holy Week

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, weather permitting, St. Paul’s gets a pony! One of our children dresses up as Jesus and rides the pony to St. Paul’s while the congregation follows waving palms. The pony is available before the service for any children that would like to take a pony ride!


Maundy Thursday

On the evening of Maundy Thursday, St. Paul’s has a service in Sherrill Hall. A table is set up in the middle of the room where the Last Supper is recreated. The choir sings, candles are lit, and we all watch the story unfold. Part of this service is the washing of feet. Children are welcome to partake in this and usually find it unique, fun, and thought provoking.




After the Easter service we have an egg hunt on the lawn! We ask that you bring some stuffed eggs to contribute before the service. We have volunteers who set out the eggs and the children get to go collect. It is a fun and wonderful event.