From Your Co-Wardens – September 2017

Dear St. Paul’s Community,

We hope that you have had an enjoyable summer and had time for relaxation and rejuvenation!

As representatives of the St. Paul’s community, the vestry is responsible for the parish’s budget, buildings, staff and programs. The vestry meets monthly to review parish activities and to help facilitate effective operations within the community. Minutes from each vestry meeting are on file in the parish office.

This year’s vestry convened in late February. The following is a summary of the vestry’s activities to date:

·       Mission Statement Review: St. Paul’s mission statement provides a vision for our community’s life, in light of God’s call to us. Our current mission statement, “Welcome in love, Worship with Joy, Grow in Faith, Seek and Serve Christ in All Persons,” was most recently updated five years ago.  After many thoughtful discussions, the vestry has updated the mission statement to reflect the importance of “justice.” The vestry chose the following two options:

·       Option 1: “Welcome in Love, Worship with Joy, Grow in Faith, Promote Social Justice, Seek and Serve Christ in All Persons.”

·       Option 2: “Welcome in Love, Worship with Joy, Grow in Faith, Work for Justice, Seek and Serve Christ in All Persons.”

Your feedback is requested! Click here to provide feedback on these options.

·       Ministries and Activity Calendar Review: The vestry has been reviewing our ministries and activities, and how they each are fulfilling our mission.  Discussion was initiated about how the ministries and their volunteers can be further supported by the vestry.

·       Financial Oversight: The Finance Committee submitted financial statements for the vestry to review at its monthly meetings. The statements detailed income and expenditures, and their effect on the current operating budget. In addition, the vestry also approved the Outreach Committee’s recommendation to disburse grant funds to St. Stephen’s Youth Programs, for the installation of a fence on its playground.

·       Property Oversight: the vestry voted to accept a donation from John Everett and Son’s Funeral Home for installation of an audiovisual system in Sherrill Hall. The vestry approved disbursement of funds for the audiovisual system and painting of the Rectory.

Ultimately, the vestry’s work could not be accomplished without the efforts of St. Paul’s ministries and members who work tirelessly to fulfill them. We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, energy, and care provided to each other and to each ministry.

In addition to donations of time and talent, St. Paul’s could not operate without the financial support of our community.  The 2018 Stewardship campaign is in development.  The Stewardship Committee is looking for volunteers to assist with this important effort.  If you are interested in joining or have questions about the Stewardship Committee, please contact us.

We are looking forward to our upcoming fall activities.  Activities and events are communicated through the weekly Bulletin and E-pistle, by email, and on the St. Paul’s Facebook page and website. You also can hear about our activities from the Announcements during the weekly services.  Be on the lookout for information about upcoming activities!

Your feedback is welcome. Please feel free to contact us (email addresses below) if you have any comments or questions about the vestry, its activities, or its role in parish life.

We give special thanks to Jon Strand and Gale Davis, and to Beth Folsom, Joe Kelley, Gigi Mitchell-Velasco, and Jeanne Watts.

We also thank this year’s vestry for the energy and thoughtfulness that each member brings to our work: Judy Allen-Shaw, Joan Dedian, Duncan Frost, Renée Graham, Amy Keith, Grace Kelemanik, Paul Magao, Joanne Murray, Linda Tardif, Linda Trent, Leslie Varley, and Stewart Wood.

Thank you for placing your trust in us and supporting the St. Paul’s community this year!


Cynthia and Rob


Cynthia McReynolds (

Rob Young (