Gratitude Month Results

Our “Gratitude Month” efforts have brought us a total of nearly $350, 000 in pledges from 134 parishioners and families. Thanks to everyone who has made a pledge so far.

This brings St. Paul’s to 93 percent of the “status quo” goal approved by Vestry in December, which is encouraging. However, we had hoped to have a “stretch” goal that would allow us to hire a much-needed operations person who could take on some of the administrative burden that Jon has been managing for some time now.

We would like to reach that stretch goal and we would also like to see our participation numbers go up. To date, only 46 percent of possible donors have made pledges.

If everyone who has not yet pledged committed to give $500 per year or about $40 per month, we could meet our status quo and stretch goals.

Our next Vestry meeting is Tuesday, January 17, and we want to get as close to 100 percent participation as possible. No pledge amount is too small and every dollar helps us to achieve our mission as a parish.