The memorial garden was dedicated Sunday, September 18th, 2016 in memory of the Rev. Dr. William B. Lawson

Names are added to the memorial plaque with each interment of ashes

Names are added to the memorial plaque with each interment of ashes

St. Paul's Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden

About: Christians have historically laid their family members to rest in the churchyard adjacent to their church, where they can come to pray and reflect on their loved ones’ lives. The Memorial Garden at St. Paul’s was created in this spirit to meet the needs of the members of St. Paul’s and their families. The Memorial Garden is a consecrated place for the interment or scattering of cremains of parishioners and their family members, near the church we love. The garden is located on the northwest corner of the church property.

History: The St. Paul’s Memorial Garden was created in 2016 as the final resting place for parishioners and their families. The garden is dedicated to The Rev. Dr. William B. Lawson, who served as Rector at St. Paul’s from Feb 1965-July 1975.

Application: An application for interment or scattering can be submitted at any time. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required with the application. The deposit is applied to the total cost. If the total cost is paid in advance, then no additional fees are due if the fee increases before the time of need. Click here for a copy of the Application Form.

Cost: The cost for burial or scattering is $650. This fee includes interment expenses, inscribing the name and dates for the Memorial Garden plaque, and perpetual care of the Memorial Garden.

Rules & Regulations: The Memorial Garden Rules & Regulations can be found by clicking here

Gifts and Donations: The St. Paul’s Memorial Garden Fund is dedicated to the perpetual maintenance of the Garden. The fees for interment are deposited in the Fund. In addition, gifts to the Fund are welcome at any time. These may be made in honor of, or as a memorial to an individual. Kindly note Memorial Garden Fund on your gift or donation.

The following documents are available by clicking on the links below: 

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