The community of St. Paul’s embraces a vibrant and dynamic music ministry.  In addition to supporting choirs and congregational singing, we frequently incorporate various instruments into our services, including trumpets, drums, tambourines, and bells.

We invite each person and every voice to engage wholeheartedly in congregational hymns, and we also extend the opportunity to all members for a vital choral experience.  The St. Paul’s choirs perform an array of music from the choral tradition encompassing the Renaissance through Contemporary styles.  Our choirs have sung choral works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, Benjamin Britten, Aaron Copland, Gabriel Faure, Orlando Gibbons, George Frideric Handel and Heinrich Schutz. 

Treble Choir 2019

The Treble Choir is a lively, joyous group of singers of all ages eager to “learn by doing,” serve others, and have fun. It welcomes soprano and alto voices second grade and older. Rehearsals are 11:30am-12:15pm on Sundays in the Chapel. The Treble Choir sings at the10:00am Eucharist roughly once a month, and on Christmas Eve. The curriculum includes learning to read music as a singer; classical choral vocal technique; repertoire from diverse times and places; the fundamentals of practical liturgical theology; and singing together as a spiritual practice. Participation in Treble Choir is a very effective and enjoyable way to grow in faith, musicality, and community.

If you are interested in joining the children’s, youth, or adult choirs, please contact our Interm Music Minister Ellen Oak at (508) 655-5880.