Rector's Stewardship Letter 2018


An Underlying Abundance

What drives our ministry life at St. Paul’s is a conviction that God is at work in us and in the world. God is seeking out the lost, longing to employ us into a connected life. God is at work among us. There is in you and in me, an underlying abundance we call God.

On any given day, you will find people revealing this underlying abundance: teachers sharing with students and students sharing with teachers their ideas and longings, people gathered in Sherrill Hall or in homes, our youth at worship, the community sharing a lovely weekly meal and singing, a Natick is United meeting seeking a more caring community, persons doing the work of recovery, people gathered for centering prayer, people taking freshly cooked food to Pine Street Inn or Miracle Kitchen, adult or children’s and youth choirs practicing, a visit from our sister parish priest from Haiti, people gathered to reflect on their next call to serve our international partners, or getting ready for the outreach fair.

In the parable of the talents, Jesus describes how characters in the story have been received radical generosity (a talent is fifteen years of a laborer’s wages). The giver expects the receivers to use those gifts without fear. This free use of our abundant resources creates the kingdom.

How else can you, can we, can I, bring forward this underlying abundance in our lives which is God given?

I invite you to increase your support for our abundance ministries, and think about how we can live generous lives that multiply God’s generosity.  We are anticipating next year an increase of about 10% in our support of staffing and building maintenance. Please consider matching that need in your pledge for this year.  Please think about the real benefit of your presence and your family’s presence in community—you are a gift to everyone else.

Tap into the abundance underneath all things: the love that is already within you and surrounds you, Christ lives in you, and longs to share your daily living. Go for it! Reach for your hope and joy! Draw from the well that God has placed within you that never, ever goes dry.

Out of your abundance, please give of yourself so that the abundance can be revealed from you. Please contribute something meaningful of your time, your talent and your treasure to further the work, the outpouring of God’s love in this community. In our giving back, may we become bold discoverers of the love of God.

In Christ,  Jon