Stewardship 2019




 This year’s stewardship is focused on how we are all a piece of a much bigger picture – St. Paul’s.  Every week we come together to worship, serve and be with each other.  We are a church that cares for our congregation and our community.  All of us play a role in the life of our church; without you we cannot meet our mission.

We are a self-funded community and receive no financial assistance from the Diocese. Your financial support pays for our clergy and lay staff, ministries and building maintenance.  In 2019, we will also have additional expenses as we search for our new Rector.  Our budget is expected to be approximately $500,000; a 10% increase from 2018.  Please review the enclosed booklet for more information on stewardship.

Enclosed with this letter is a puzzle piece that uniquely represents you and your family and the gifts you bring to our Church.  After you have made your pledge, add your piece to the puzzle in Sherrill Hall.  Or leave it on the pledge card and it will be added for you.  Our goal is to have 100% participation and thus complete the picture.  We need you!

 The financial wellness of our church and stewardship participation will be a key consideration for any new Rector looking at St. Paul’s.  Let’s show our tangible commitment to each other and our Church’s future by making a pledge and being a piece of the picture.


 St. Paul’s Stewardship Committee

Joanne Butler, Andy Keith, Peter Kimball, Betsy Komjathy and Anne Young