Welcome in love, worship with joy, grow in faith, work for justice, seek and serve Christ in all persons.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a dynamic and growing community located in Natick, a western suburb of Boston (also known as Metrowest).  We are a diverse group of people, united by a common purpose: seeking to live out lives that respond wholeheartedly to the love that God has for us in Jesus Christ.

Our tradition is Episcopal, which means that we are both “Reformed” and “Catholic.” By creatively weaving tradition and change together, we are grounded in traditional Christianity and also open to new means of expressing our faith. The community is highly receptive to the gifts that newcomers bring to our life as a church. These gifts and abilities help reshape our community in continually new and exciting ways, making us fully alive in Christ. Please note that you do not have to be a member of the Episcopal Church to participate in worship and ministry at St. Paul’s.

In Our Own Words: “Why We Call St. Paul’s Home”

  “..the Holy Spirit that comes alive at St. Paul’s has filled my heart and taken away that empty feeling that nothing before had been able to fill."

 “I call St. Paul's Home because it feels like family to me.”

 “We … appreciate that St. Paul's explicitly calls us to service and action.”

 “I was driving to church one recent Sunday morning.  It was a beautiful morning, and I wasn’t thinking about my list of chores or Sunday grocery shopping, but about how grateful I was to be part of the St. Paul’s community.”

 “For me, this church doesn’t just talk at you. Rather, it talks with you, encouraging an open dialogue about faith and what it means to live it.”

 “Through inquirer’s class, Bible study, the weekend retreat, my faith has expanded.”

 “The musicians at St. Paul's not only help me on my spiritual journey because they provide music, but because they provide music of high quality which is performed from the heart and soul.”

 “I have been going to the Women’s Spirituality Group for close to 10 years and have never once been disappointed in the women, the food, or the spirituality (laughs, tears, wine and more).”

 “A community that accepts and welcomes all people (without an asterisk).”

 “This is a wonderful church for young families. As proponents of the Montessori method, we have been extremely pleased with the Atrium program.”

 “A community where you can make announcements wearing a Santa hat.”

 “I came no matter how I felt and I left better; & one Sunday when a guest preacher started his sermon by saying “The truth will set you free, but first it will really tick you off…”, one of many times the sermon really spoke to me.”

 “There is an energy to our parish life that is readily apparent and contagious. I feel it during the Peace and throughout each service, during SPY drop off and pick up, when cooking for Pine Street Inn, and at events like the Shrove Tuesday and Christmas Eve dinners (just to name a few).  You want to become involved.”

 “Our lives are busy with work, school, and family activities, but the people of St. Paul’s remind us in tangible ways that God is with us on the journey, during times of joy and pain, and all the moments in between. We are blessed to call St. Paul’s home!”