Music Gratitude

Dear St. Paul's Community,

Thank you St. Paul's for the generous gifts acknowledging my years as music director of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. I have many lovely memories from this time and I sincerely appreciate the abundance of prayerful and beautiful music offerings during these years at St. Paul's. I am deeply grateful for the honorable commitment and Christian servant leadership of the members of the RSCM, Children's,Youth, and Chancel Choirs where I developed a sincere and deep connection with Christian community through the weekly directing and leading of music for liturgy. These choirs bring joy, peace, and love to many with their heartfelt and prayerful singing of sacred choral music, service music, and hymns for liturgy. I continue to admire their steadfast love, care, singing, numerous talents, and endearing friendship. Thank you everyone for the many wonderful offerings for the numerous ministries of St. Paul's community. Many thanks to Jon for his prayerful and heartfelt leadership and joyful trumpet playing. Sincere gratitude to the singers, instrumentalists, clergy, clergy families, staff, wardens, vestries, and community for your support through these years. My prayers and loving support for the welcoming of a new music director for St. Paul's community.

 With heartfelt love, peace, and appreciation,
Monique Weiss Byrnes
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Music Director /June 2002 - September 2014