The Valley of Dry Bones- an original poem by Stacy Lamb

This poem was written by Stacy Lamb, a member of Beyond Confirmation, for the Easter Vigil Service on April 4th, 2015. 

One man looked across a dry valley.

No man could see through the earth, 

To the innocence slain and buried.

But this man could feel their sorrow. 

This man heard their cries and he knew.

He pitied the dead and he cried,

“God, I beg you to revive these men”.

“Bring flesh and blood back into the buried”,

The man was told by a voice from the sky.

His heart burned as he commanded this desire.

Flames caught on the buried, and consumed them.

The fire died and left behind ashes that turned,

To flesh and blood, muscles and tendons. 

And the voice from the sky spoke once again.

“Give them my breath so these men may live”.

His arms held open, the man repeated the words.

From four directions a breeze blew strong and hard.

It whistled and seeped through the cracks of the earth,

And rushed down deep and into the mouths of the slain.

The wind filled their bodies so that the buried could breath,

But these undead were still buried in their graves below.

The man looked across the dry valley.

No man could give life after life had been taken.

He knew this and yet he himself had done so.

“I heard the cries and felt the pain of spirits.

I knew they had been buried below my feet.

Please, God, how have I revived them?

Help me save them from the weight of the earth”.

“I am the Lord, and you have fulfilled my will.

Save the men and all shall believe in the Almighty.”

With his strong faith, the man obeyed God’s command. 

His soul filling him with strength, the man stood firm.

The earth shook and the ground quaked and rock cracked. 

And the valley split, forming a crater down deep.

The undead stood and one asked “what has revived us”.

“The Lord commanded me to revive you all,

So that you may know the Lord Almighty is real”,

The man answered to these many living beings.

These men, once slain, claimed to be the people of Israel.

Being revived, these people cried to the Lord words of loss.

For they were no longer one proud nation, a strong people.

Their bones were dry and their hope was gone, they cried.

“My people, I will put my spirit in you,” God spoke from above.

“And I will settle you in your own land. Look to the heavens.”

The man watched the people of Israel stare into the bright sun.

Thunder boomed and clouds appeared, gray with heavy rain.

Water drops fell on the people to wash their sorrow and sins away.

As they swallowed the rain, it filled them with God’s spirit,

And they were dry bones no more, but a faithful and hopeful people.