B-SAFE Week a Success!

Thank you everyone who helped make this BSAFE week a success! It was MUCH trickier this year managing without a central kitchen, but we did it! Five days of lunches shopped, stored, prepped, cooked, and delivered. We certainly got lucky with Friday’s weather for the field trip. Hopkinton State Park had great facilities and was very easy to get to–we’ll definitely consider that location again another year.

A special thank you to those of you who were able to give more than one day of help last week–Stephanie Galvani (& Tom!),  Edla McKertich, Harry Brewster Jr., Jean Whitney, Catherine Morley, Norma Jaynes.  Thank you to those who opened your homes for food prep–Jean Whitney, Kris Cox, Kim Bennet, Valerie Brewster, Corinne, Alisa Skatrud and Linda Trent. And of course, also Beth Brady, Emily Fagan, and Mary Erickson for co-organizing all of the logistics over the past few months! We were really grateful that it all came together as smoothly as it did.