Does St. Paul’s keep a record of my pledge payments?

You will receive quarterly and year-end statements of all payments made toward your pledge.  For those who itemize deductable gifts on their tax returns, the IRS requires documentation for all contributions made to charities, including those made by cash.  If you’ve never pledged before, this is one good reason to start: if you simply put a $10 bill in the plate each week, we have no way of tracking or documenting that for you.  But if you pledge, for example, $520 a year ($10 per week x 52 weeks), and then fulfill that pledge by putting $10 per week in the plate in a pledge envelope, St. Paul’s will document that on your behalf.  The year-end statement that the church sends will substantiate your generosity to St. Paul’s and can be used in the preparation and filing of your tax returns.

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