How does the annual pledge drive relate to the Comprehensive Campaign?

Our annual pledges in response to the stewardship campaign cover the expenses needed to operate the church each year, without making major changes to staffing, facilities, or programs. In other words, these funds 'keep the lights on.'

On the other hand, the TogetherNow Campaign is designed to address our long-term vision of how the church can respond to recent growth and make needed improvements in staffing, facilities, or programs. Payments on these pledges are stretched over several years, and will help us strengthen our staff, refurbish Sherrill Hall and Gale House, and take other steps identified through our long-range planning effort. A portion of these funds also go to the Diocese for projects that are of common interest to all parishes.

It's a bit like a home renovation.  The TogetherNow campaign is like the long-term project you have known for some time needed to be done, but had been put off.  You save for it while you are also keeping up with your regular expenses.  Over the long term, we'll reap the benfits of TogetherNow.  At the same time, our annual stewardship pledges will be funding all aspects of St. Paul's daily, weekly and annual operations.

Annual pledges make everything we love about St. Paul's possible, day in and day out. 


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