How much does St. Paul’s need to raise in pledges?

We need to raise just over $400,000 in pledges for 2014.  This is based on what the finance committee and Vestry believe will be needed to have a balanced budget in 2015 and to keep our current ministries going.

If you consider St. Paul’s your church home, please join with your fellow parishioners and make a financial pledge to support the ministry and operations here. Whether you are a new or continuing pledger, please take some time in determining your 2014 pledge. 

Want more detail? The following chart shows the sources of income for St. Paul’s:


As you can see, nearly 80% of our operating budget comes from our annual pledge campaign. 





This chart shows how the money is spent: 


The majority of our budget supports fixed expenses such as staff salary, building maintenance, and the assessment from the Diocese of Massachusetts to support programs and ministries which are coordinated by the diocese.  Each Sunday in our worship services and in the events throughout the week, we see our pledge dollars at work to help spread God’s good news. 

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