Why is making a Pledge so important?

St. Paul’s is self-funded by our parishioners. We receive no funding from the regional or national Episcopal Church.  We count on pledges from our annual stewardship campaign to fund approximately 80% of our day-to-day operations. 

Pledging is about your relationship with God and St. Paul’s Church.  Pledging to St. Paul’s is different from financial contributions you might make to your alma mater or charitable organizations.  A pledge acknowledges that everything we have comes from God.  It allows you to share your many blessings while simultaneously furthering God’s mission of love and compassion in the world.  Pledging gives you an opportunity to put your faith in action and deepen your connection with God.

St. Paul’s depends on your financial contributions to do its work and ministry.  Making a pledge enables our Vestry and Finance committee to better plan how to use our resources.  The Vestry establishes an annual budget based on the total amount pledged during the stewardship campaign.  While regular non-pledged giving is important, a pledge helps the Vestry plan more accurately and better enables our ministries to thrive and grow.

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