Where does my Pledge get Invested?


A Pledge of $2,500 would be allocated as displayed to fund our 2017 Operating Budget.

Each pledge is invested in the foundational pillars of the Church, allowing St. Pauls’ to support its valuable Ministries.

  • 4,800 meals go out of Sherrill Hall kitchen
  • Our common spaces are used for Pine Street Inn, Miracle Kitchen, Family Promise BSAFE.
  • Open Door is welcome every Thursday night
  • Singing, nourishing, connecting and caring occur daily
  • We support our sister parish and school in Haiti, which guides over 900 young lives in education and Christ. Total support over the years exceeds $300,000. 

Help us with the continued Investment into St Pauls’ foundational pillars not only to support our Church, but also allow us to grow our Ministries. Make your pledge of any size today at www.stpaulsnatick.org/2017pledge. And, Thank YOU!

Dear St. Paul’s Family,

Each family’s pledge supports and pays for the foundational pillars of St. Paul’s. While we are doing wonderful work for ourselves and others, we still have much room to grow and serve.

Help us move our ministries forward. The proposed 2017 Operating Budget includes a new position called Chief Operations Officer. The purpose of this role is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the parish; as well as provide guidance for the ministries at St. Paul’s. This skill set was identified by the Vestry as a way to support our Clergy. The position is for 20 hrs a week, with an annual compensation of $52k.

Every gift counts, and the Vestry will use your pledge to determine our operating budget for 2017. Our fall drive only lasts until December 11, so please don’t wait – pledge today. If you prefer to make your commitment on-line, simply go to: https://www.stpaulsnatick.org/2017pledge.

Thank you for your continued support of St. Paul’s.

In Christ, Jon +