The Cathedral, Mpwapwa

We spent some time meeting with the dean of the cathedral who again reiterated the needs for partnership that help move things forward. He reminded us of a mission in Mpwapwa to serve the whole person: health and education and spiritual formation are all essential elements of ministry. The partnership is about relationships can build and strengthen over time. These relationship often start with one or two and then when people see the trustworthiness of the relationship, it grows. Mutual prayer is important for moving forward along with mutuality in a partnership. The diocese of Mpwapwa is an industrious place where much is happening but certain kinds of shortages are difficult to fill without help. They are happy to help building processes and provide the labor for such work. Their investments of sweat and making their own bricks often increase their own ownership of such efforts. But certain things like medical doctors and skilled nurses, the extra funds needed to finish a project, the ability to hire better teachers and English teachers are important.

They have a strong relationship with the diocese of Rochester, UK that has been ongoing for about 25 years now.