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From the Interim  The Rev. Dr. Gale Davis

Good People,

 The Nicene Creed we are using this summer…….

 Have you noticed that the Nicene Creed we are using this summer is not the same as the one in the 1989 Book of Common Prayer? (Or the 1928 BCP for that matter!) When the new services were approved for general use by General Convention in 1997 they included this form for the Nicene Creed. You might stumble a bit over the words because they are not exactly like what we are all used to in the 1979 BCP, but they are close! “Was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and  the Virgin Mary” might be the first” stumble.” This wording—like all the wording changes— is  thought to be closer to the original intention and words used at the council of Nicaea in 325 and revised in 381. It has been translated into many languages and you may note there are small differences between the version in the 1979 BCP and the 1928 BCP. We are always trying to be more accurate. You will also note that references to God are not always as “he” in this version. We have become gender neutral with the use of the word “who” instead of “he” when describing Holy Spirit.

 These changes are not there to confuse us ( although until we get used to the changes they might) or make what we “have always done” somehow less. Rather the continuing study and corrections are to enhance our understanding of God and God’s relationship with humanity and the world.  




Financial Planning Speaker Series

This series, moderated by Karen Van Voorhis, will take place during coffee hour over three Sundays. This is part of St. Paul's ongoing educational efforts in the area of wellness for its parishioners, and an attempt to answer some of the many specific follow-up questions received after the four-part financial wellness series offered last spring. Topics and guest speakers will include: • January 28: Estate Planning: Essential Documents and Preserving Assets, with Natick resident Tricia D'Agostino (http://www.margolis.com/patricia-c-dagostino) • February 4: Senior Housing and Health Care: What's What? (Navigating Options and Costs), with Joan Harris (https://www.symphonycaremanagement.com/) The presenters are all seasoned experts in their fields, and we are lucky that they have generously volunteered their time for our benefit. Please grab a coffee and a snack at coffee hour on these three Sundays and join us for an invaluable education on these topics. See Karen Van Voorhis if you have any questions.

View the presentation from January 21, 2018 - Long Term Care Insurance

View the presentation from January 28, 2018 - Essential Estate Planning Tools

View the presentation from February 4, 2018 - Navagating Elder Care Resources.

Frank White has written an excellent article detailing Albert Carlson's bequest to St. Paul's and its use in helping to fulfill the financial needs of the parish.  Click here to read the article.

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