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A Note From the Wardens

 Dear St. Paul's Community,

 It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of our fourth month as your Wardens. These 16 weeks have been, well, eventful. Yes, “event-full” seems appropriate. There have been moments in the past several weeks when the word “exhausting” might also have come to mind. However, the word that resonates the most for us is – gratitude.

 We are grateful for how as a community we came together and closed our budget deficit. 

 We are grateful for the care and commitment that Joe, our former Sexton, and Beth , our about-to-depart-but-staying on-as-a-family (Yay!!) Director of Christian Formation, brought to their work at St Paul’s. 

 We are grateful for the extra efforts of so many folks to ensure that St Paul’s puts its best face to the world while we hire a custodian. (We cannot name everyone here, but would like to give a quick shout out to a few folks here - Carolyn, Clint, Linda, Julia, Beth, Monica and all the folks on the Property Committee: Thank you!) 

 We are grateful for the phenomenal work of Joanne Murray as she guides our Personnel Committees’ efforts. 

 We are grateful for the effort and commitment our teachers bring to guiding our children and youth – and for the passion and thoughtfulness folks are bringing to discerning the future of Christian Formation at St Paul’s.

 We are grateful for Gale’s inspired “Crown of Thorns” – and for the folks that made that vision a reality, and facilitated its Easter transformation. Butterflies are free!

We are grateful for Leo Ryan’s efforts on behalf of the Haiti ministry – and for the amazing service on June 9thwith Fr. Wilky, Rector at Holy Innocents, Port de Paix Haiti, and Petit Aurel Junior one of the students.

 We are grateful for all the conversations we have had with so many. (One that comes to mind was with Anne Fagan about how she approaches reading the lessons on a Sunday. Ask her!)

We are grateful to Gale and Chris - spiritual Cross-Fit coaches, cheerleaders, and team mates!

 We are grateful for our Ushers and Greeters, our Readers, for the Choir, for Ellen, and for all the musicians who have shared their talents with us and enriched our worship experience.

We are grateful for all the work of the Search Committee – not least of which is the gorgeous Parish Profile that was unveiled last Sunday.

 We are grateful for the Vestry – for your dedication, absolutely, and also for your patience!!

 And we are grateful for all of you.   


Peace, Renee Graham and Hamish Blackman

The Many Faces of St. Paul’s

The Many Faces of St. Paul’s