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From the Interim  The Rev. Dr. Gale Davis

Good People,

 In the poem, “Last Night As I Was Sleeping,” Antonio Machado repeats the phrase, “marvelous error!” Rereading the poem, I felt he invited me to think of the marvelous errors I have made in life (and there are many errors, but I don't know how many of them I would, at first glance,  say are marvelous!) But one that comes to mind is the time I got lost while driving my four grandchildren home. I purposely turned off the GPS because they were going to direct me back to their house. I had a general knowledge of where I was going but knew I could get lost on back streets if I wasn't careful.  

We truly had a marvelous time because we did indeed get lost. They were laughing and asking me to turn this way, then that. We saw houses and fields, trees and animals—mostly dogs and squirrels (we are in New England after all) and had an all-out great time.

The next time we were going someplace they asked me to “get lost again!” I don't know that one can deliberately get lost, but I do know that what we loved about that “adventure” was that we were in it together, we laughed at ourselves, we saw things and streets we had never seen before (and I am not sure I could find again) and most of all we were together. How marvelous is that?

May all your summer’s errors be marvelous!    Gale+



Financial Planning Speaker Series

This series, moderated by Karen Van Voorhis, will take place during coffee hour over three Sundays. This is part of St. Paul's ongoing educational efforts in the area of wellness for its parishioners, and an attempt to answer some of the many specific follow-up questions received after the four-part financial wellness series offered last spring. Topics and guest speakers will include: • January 28: Estate Planning: Essential Documents and Preserving Assets, with Natick resident Tricia D'Agostino (http://www.margolis.com/patricia-c-dagostino) • February 4: Senior Housing and Health Care: What's What? (Navigating Options and Costs), with Joan Harris (https://www.symphonycaremanagement.com/) The presenters are all seasoned experts in their fields, and we are lucky that they have generously volunteered their time for our benefit. Please grab a coffee and a snack at coffee hour on these three Sundays and join us for an invaluable education on these topics. See Karen Van Voorhis if you have any questions.

View the presentation from January 21, 2018 - Long Term Care Insurance

View the presentation from January 28, 2018 - Essential Estate Planning Tools

View the presentation from February 4, 2018 - Navagating Elder Care Resources.

Frank White has written an excellent article detailing Albert Carlson's bequest to St. Paul's and its use in helping to fulfill the financial needs of the parish.  Click here to read the article.

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