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St. Paul's Annual Fall Rummage Sale

September 15, 2018  9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

All proceeds benefit our Outreach Ministries


Introducing The Sherrill Hall Art Gallery

Starting immediately, Sherrill Hall will have artists' 2 dimensional work rotating to brighten the walls while supporting local artists. First up is our own Watercolor Connection, the women who paint in Sherrill Hall on Tuesdays and host Natick Artist Open Studios here too. If  you would like to exhibit in Sherrill Hall at anytime, please contact the church office at info@stpaulsnatick.org


Annual Report is now available  Click here to download the Annual Report for 2017

From the Interim  The Rev. Dr. Gale Davis

From the Interim


Good People

I hope you have gotten used to seeing the Bishop’s Chair in the sanctuary. It is just the beginning of the changes we hope to make in our worship space before fall. I have talked with many people about how we can make the space more open and take full advantage of the wonderful platforms we have. I am interested in hearing your thoughts too!

This fall, we are going to experiment with having the platforms be all one level and have ALL the people who serve at the altar—clergy, LEMs, acolytes —sit on the same level, likely off to one side so that when you look at the altar from the congregation, you see the lovely wood carving of The Last Supper instead of three shining faces up higher than anyone else. I always feel a little like I don't want to be the focus of what is seen and my hope is  that having the ability to see though the ministers up front seems to allow the focus to be more on Jesus and the worship of God.

In the early, church the altar was a regular table—a place where the community gathered for a meal and for the Holy Meal. Over the centuries, it has gone from being at the center of the sanctuary like a dining room table would be, to being hidden behind a rood screen so only the clergy could be near it, then moved into the center again and, for a while, the clergy sat at the ends of the table and celebrated the eucharist from there. The movement at this time is back toward the sense of the congregation “being gathered around a table,” so we are going to try to do that in the set-up of the whole sanctuary area. It really is true that everything old is new again!

 Remember, however, that  nothing is permanent! Interim time is a time for experimenting to see what best fits us and

Because Ellen Oak, our new Music Minister, primarily plays the piano, she would like it to be situated so that she can see both the congregation and the choir (and they can see her). We will try moving the piano to the other side and see how that works.  I am excited for the gifts and talents that Ellen will bring to us,  and for her ideas not only about music but also liturgy. Chris Visminas is also a liturgical whiz so I hope that what we are able to bring during this Interim time will enliven and nourish us all.

 We will also be creating a quiet space for children to sit to watch the service, and perhaps color, to the left side of the altar (in the space where the harpsichord is now). We will move the children’s books from the narthex to that spot to allow them easy access. In many of the churches where I have served, we have found that having a space to come to after church school where children can be “close to the action” and not so far removed that they really don't know what’s going on has helped our younger members to feel like they truly are part of the church. We will try this also to see how it works here. Again, nothing is permanent! It’s all an effort to help us all be the most vital worshiping community we can be as we pray for and await the coming of the new rector.

 As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me! Gale+



A Look Ahead - Save the Date – Mark Your Calendar

Vacation Bible School  “A Wrinkle in Time”

August 20 – August 24

 Rummage Sale  Saturday. September 15,

3 Services Resume and Church School Begins
Sunday, September 16, 2018

Holiday Fair  November17, 2018  10:00AM to 2:00 PM

Financial Planning Speaker Series

This series, moderated by Karen Van Voorhis, will take place during coffee hour over three Sundays. This is part of St. Paul's ongoing educational efforts in the area of wellness for its parishioners, and an attempt to answer some of the many specific follow-up questions received after the four-part financial wellness series offered last spring. Topics and guest speakers will include: • January 28: Estate Planning: Essential Documents and Preserving Assets, with Natick resident Tricia D'Agostino (http://www.margolis.com/patricia-c-dagostino) • February 4: Senior Housing and Health Care: What's What? (Navigating Options and Costs), with Joan Harris (https://www.symphonycaremanagement.com/) The presenters are all seasoned experts in their fields, and we are lucky that they have generously volunteered their time for our benefit. Please grab a coffee and a snack at coffee hour on these three Sundays and join us for an invaluable education on these topics. See Karen Van Voorhis if you have any questions.

View the presentation from January 21, 2018 - Long Term Care Insurance

View the presentation from January 28, 2018 - Essential Estate Planning Tools

View the presentation from February 4, 2018 - Navagating Elder Care Resources.

Frank White has written an excellent article detailing Albert Carlson's bequest to St. Paul's and its use in helping to fulfill the financial needs of the parish.  Click here to read the article.

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