God loves all of us.  Our goal is for each child to develop a personal relationship with God and to understand that God loves him or her unconditionally.  We are called to help our children love God in a way that is unique and personal, knowing that God loves them just as they are and always calls them forward in faith.


The Episcopal Church is unique in its traditions.  Our goal is to teach the scripture, liturgy, music, and sacraments of the Episcopal Church.  We are called to help our children learn about Jesus’ life and its context in history.  Through this knowledge, our children can apply Jesus’ teaching to their lives.

Church Community

St. Paul’s welcomes all.  Our goal is to help our youth feel that St. Paul’s is their spiritual home.  We are called to create a community of acceptance and engagement.   By developing supportive relationships with others of their own faith tradition, our youth will always have a network of individuals who can share in the past and advise in the future.


Each of our youth is special in his or her own way.  Our goal is to help children explore their gifts and to support them in identifying ways to use those gifts.  We are called to provide the environment for children to discover their own unique gifts and to discern where God is calling them to use their gifts in the world.


Diversity takes many forms within any community.  Our goal is to embrace differences and appreciate how these differences make our community stronger.  We are called to help our children learn to discern others’ gifts and the ways in which each of us is special, understanding that we come from different walks of life.


God calls all of us to service.  Our goal is to inspire our youth while providing opportunities to follow this call.  We are called to help children find their place in caring for others, the environment, and themselves.

Moral Compass

Youth of today are faced with increasingly difficult situations in which they must make decisions.  Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to navigate these situations.  We are called to support our youth as they build a “spiritual toolbox” from which to draw as they solve problems and make decisions.  As they grow and change and challenge and question, their spiritual tools and personal relationship with Christ will guide them.